• Hello Haskell, language introduction and cheat sheet

    Haskell is a statically typed pure functional programming language. This is more of a cheat sheet for basic haskell syntax and constructs. I will not describe in any details what is pure functional programming or what is static typing. Scala, Kotlin and now Java are a mixed paradigm programming languages, which are mixture of OOP with Functional programming. If you have used Scala or a modern version of Java or Kotlin, you should find familiar constructs. The only thing you will not find , is classes , objects or any other OOP constructs. You will find something called Type Classes that has nothing to do with classes in OOP, you can think of it as type categories or the closest OOP thing to it is interfaces.

  • Vim Plugins

    While you can manually install, remove and update Vim Plugins, it is a tedious process. There are two well known plugin managers for Vim, Github: Vundle and Github: Vim-Plug. After short reading one both, it seems to me that Vundle is no longer maintained in one hand and Vim-Plug has more appealing features on the other. So, I will for now try Vim-Plug.

  • Vim Configuration

    Configure Vim to have your own keyboard mapping, custom commands or change vim settings. We will look on how to do that and a couple of useful configurations that worked for me. Vim configurations live in ~/.vimrc. A shortcut to edit a file is :e $MYVIMRC. Finally, comments start with a single quotation mark ".

  • Vim Cheat Sheet

    I used Vim every now and then when I needed to do a quick file editing in the terminal. I was reluctant to take the learning curve until very recently. My IDE of choice is struggling with a relatively large codebase. I found many of my colleagues flying through source code using Vim. This changed my position on the learning curve. Now, I the potential IDE legginess justifies the learning time. Besides, Vim is cool.

  • My First Drawing Lesson: It's All About the Lines!

    My dad has been trying to convince me to do something non-technical for a while, to find a hobby where I don’t write code. I didn’t think I have ever had it in me. I tried music before, and I sold my brand-new guitar in less than a month. I have doodled a lot, but my drawing—well, it is an insult to call them art. You might understand why I never got into it. I always believed that I am channeling my creativity through code.

  • Github Pages, Markdown and Jekyll tips and tricks

    This page will include some tricks I have learned with Jekyll, Markdown and Github Pages.

  • How to setup github pages with an https custom domain?

    Github pages is one of the simplest ways to blog, or to have a simple static site. However, routing your own domain to Github pages can be tricky. It is mostly a matter of correct configurations and patience. You need first to configure your domain or sub-domain to point to Github and then configure Github to recognize the routing. Finally, setting up HTTPS, which should work by just checking a single checkbox, but when it doesn’t, it is tough to know what to do next.

  • Ruby Conditionals: if, else, elseif and unless

    There is the if statement similar to any other language you came from